Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to recognize and develop your psychic abilities

I hope you can join us on Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time when we'll be discussing how you can recognize and develop your psychic abilities. We'll have lots of information and you can call in to ask us questions. Click here to visit the show page.

Recently I wrote an article on the National Paranormal Examiner site that discusses this very thing.

Here's an excerpt:

This is the first article in a new series that will examine specific topics and give you an overview of the subject so that you can learn the basics. These articles will be different from other articles that I write because I intend for them to be instructional and answer questions, similar to what you may learn in an introductory class on the subject. You’ll be able to find these articles quickly because they will all begin with “Let’s Examine” and will be grouped together under the Let's Examine topic.

To launch this feature I decided to start by posing a question to you that, as a clairvoyant advisor, I am often asked - “Does everyone have psychic abilities?”

Think about it for a moment – have you ever known when the phone was going to ring and when it did you knew who it was before you ever answered? Or maybe you’ve seen someone standing in line in the grocery store and you were overwhelmed with grief. You just knew that her husband had passed and moments later the cashier confirmed it by offering the woman her condolences. Are these psychic abilities or were you just on a “coincidence” roll that day? I’d say you were being clairvoyant and empathic in the two situations I listed.

Read the rest of the article...

Sally and I hope to hear from you on Wednesday. And as always - for callers who would like a one question reading, we'll be happy to do them for you.