Monday, September 30, 2013

Embracing Kismet - New Book Release

My latest is a print book Embracing Kismet that's 2 in 1 - a combo of two of my futuristic stories, Love Me Tomorrow and Sexed Up!

Love MeTomorrow...
Earth, 2360

Shalene Courers leads freedom fighters against the Demrons to retrieve a crystal that is the secret to Earth’s defense. When she captures the mysterious Mecah—tall, blond and very sexy—desires flame and the interrogation soon melts under his scorching passion.

Mecah’s possession of Shalene is more than lust—she’s the kismet mate he’s sought all his life, only she doesn’t believe him. Shalene and Mecah join forces to turn the tide of war, but without winning the heart and soul of his fated mate, he stands to lose his greatest battle.

Sexed Up...
In 2383, all the men on Earth are dead. The Anti-Male world government, convinced it was "God's will", has outlawed all research into re-creating males.

Working illegally, Randi Mayers, the world's foremost sex-replacement designer, aims to create the closest thing to a real man the technology is capable of. William, the result of advanced nanite technology incorporated with DNA, is the ultimate "sex replacement" and everything Randi dreamed of. His sexual prowess leaves her breathless — and very, very satisfied.

But William is much more than a machine, dammit — he's a man! As his "testing" continues and he demonstrates more and more human characteristics, they fall in love, but discovery and industrial espionage place them on a collision course with the Anti-Male faction, with dire results.

Another Book Release!


Another book in print, with two of my fav hussies  -featuring Ciana Stone's Sin in Jeans, Nathalie Gray's Cassiopeia and my book, Fae's Gargoyle! I hope you find this anthology a nice surprise, too!